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HIPAA Privacy Officer Orientation

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HIPAA Privacy Officer Orientation

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Under HIPAA every practice or healthcare organization must designate a Privacy Officer.

This one-hour pre-recorded webinar presentation by Cathy Montgomery, RN, President, Excellentia Advisory Group will explain the overall responsibilities for this role. This DVD presentation is intended to be targeted at the Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer of an organization. Focus is on the risks associated with the lack of compliance to HIPAA regulations.

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DVD:  HIPAA Privacy Officer Orientation

Presented by: Cathy Montgomery, RN, President, Excellentia Advisory Group.

HIPPODVD: One-hour in duration includes time for Questions & Answers.

Description: Under HIPAA every practice or healthcare organization must designate a Privacy Officer.  This one-hour pre-recorded webinar session will explain the overall responsbilities for this role.  You will also learn how to be a successful Privacy Officer by:

  • A review of the 5 rules that comprise HIPAA.
  • Utilizing a flow chart for Business Associate determination.
  • Executing updated Business Associate Agreements.
  • Knowing how fines are now calculated.
  • Understanding the nuances for research, fundraising and immunization authorizations.
  • The proper way to execute a risk assessment of your organization.

The Office of Civil Rights has announced reinvestigation of the HIPAA audit program for 2014. This is based upon complaints from the OIG regarding previous poor audit performances. Don't miss this important first step, Privacy Officer responsibilities, for your facility.

Handout CD include:

  • Note-taking version of the PowerPoint Presentation
  • Risk Assessment Checklist
  • Privacy Checklist
  • HIPAA Audit Program Protocol
  • Business Associate Decision Tree
  • Buisness Associate Agreement
  • Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Fax Confidentiality Statement
  • Privacy Officer Job Description

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